About Bengal Academy

Bengal Academy, situated in the rural and remote access area of Belda, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal has been dedicated to serving the underprivileged students for the past 17 years. Nestled in Belda, our institute stands as a beacon of quality education in the southern region of West Bengal, India.


Our commitment to excellence is evident through our 100% job guarantee, providing promising career opportunities for our students in the thriving hospitality industry. Bengal Academy takes pride in seamlessly blending tradition with modern hospitality practices, creating a unique learning environment.


With a focus on practical skills and global relevance, our comprehensive programs, crafted over 17 years, ensure students are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of hotel management. Our faculty, comprised of seasoned industry experts, offers a distinctive blend of theoretical insights and hands-on exposure.


What sets Bengal Academy apart is our unwavering commitment to student success, underscored by the 100% job guarantee. Our extensive industry connections provide valuable internship opportunities, facilitating a seamless transition from education to employment.


Over the years, Bengal Academy has earned a reputation for producing graduates sought after not only in India but also globally. Our international curriculum and industry connections make us the preferred choice for those aspiring to excel on the global stage.

Join Bengal Academy, where the essence of hospitality education meets the diverse landscape of South West Bengal. Embark on a journey that transcends borders, shaping a future filled with limitless possibilities in the realm of hotel management.

Our Vision

To become an unique and higher learning Institute in hospitality industry, offering state of the art programs and cutting edge teaching quality for the student of rural Bengal.Bengal Academy envisions becoming a global leader in hospitality education, transcending geographical boundaries while maintaining its roots in the cultural richness of South West Bengal. Our aim is to empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic and competitive field of hotel management.

Our Mission

Bengal Academy is dedicated to providing quality education to underprivileged students in the rural and remote areas of Belda, Paschim Medinipur. Our mission is to bridge the gap between tradition and modern hospitality practices, offering comprehensive programs that instill practical skills and global relevance. We commit ourselves to the success of our students by ensuring a 100% job guarantee and facilitating their seamless transition from education to employment through valuable industry connections and internships.

By nurturing a learning environment where experienced faculty imparts both theoretical insights and hands-on exposure, we strive to produce graduates who are not only sought after in India but also internationally. Bengal Academy’s mission is to shape the future of aspiring individuals in the realm of hotel management, providing them with limitless possibilities for success on the global stage.

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