Our Facilities


              Facilities at Bengal Academy :

  • 1. Affordable Course Fees: – We offer budget-friendly course fees with easy installment options, ensuring accessibility to quality education.
  • 2. Expert Faculty:- Benefit from the guidance of well-experienced and highly qualified in-house and visiting faculty, bringing real-world industry insights to the classroom.
  • 3. Cutting-edge Communication Classes:- Stay ahead with communication classes using the latest software and technology, enhancing your interpersonal skills.
  • 4. Practical Classes:- Immerse yourself in hands-on learning through practical classes, bridging the gap between theory and application.
  • 5. Extracurricular Awareness Sessions:- Special interaction classes focus on raising awareness about the latest extracurricular activities, fostering self-confidence development.
  • 6. Entrepreneurship Programs:- We organize entrepreneurship programs, empowering students to explore their entrepreneurial potential.
  • 7. Frequent Professional Interactions:- Engage regularly with industry professionals, gaining valuable insights and networking opportunities.
  • 8. Job Guarantee:- Enjoy a 100% written job guarantee upon completion of the course, securing your path to a successful career.
  • 9. Lowest Course Fees:- Avail the lowest course fees, making quality education affordable and accessible.
  • 10. Inclusive Concession:- We offer a 10% concession for Girls/SC/ST/OBC, promoting inclusivity in education.
  • 11. Latest Technology:- Embrace the latest technology for education, ensuring you stay abreast of industry advancements.
  • 12. Free Communication & Soft Skill Classes:- Enhance your communication and soft skills through complimentary classes.
  • 13. Location Flexibility:- Choose your desired location for training and job placement, tailoring your learning experience.
  • 14. Audio-Visual Learning:- Immerse yourself in audio-visual classes with high-speed internet connectivity for an enriched learning environment.
  • 15. Highly Qualified Faculty:- Benefit from the expertise of highly qualified and experienced faculty members from the industry.
  • 16. Free Study Material:- Access free study material to support your academic journey.
  • 17. Wi-Fi Campus:- Enjoy a Wi-Fi-enabled campus, providing seamless connectivity for research and coursework.
  • 18. Well-Equipped Practical Lab:- Explore a well-equipped practical lab, facilitating hands-on learning experiences.
  • 19. Earn While Learning:- During the course, students have the opportunity to earn at least 50% of their fees as a stipend through training.

Why you should choose Bengal Academy ?

  • Award-Winning Institution:- Recognized for excellence in education and technology.
  • Global Acceptance:- Our programs are globally accepted, opening doors to international opportunities.
  • Government Registrations:- We are registered under various important organizations by the Government of India.
  • Continuous Support:- Benefit from continuous training and personalized support throughout your educational journey.
  • Cutting-edge Technology:- Experience education using the latest technology, staying at the forefront of industry trends.
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